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125A 1P,2P,3P,4P 10KA Minature Circuit Breaker Important Protection Function
Jul 21, 2017

The 125A 1P,2P,3P,4P 10KA Minature Circuit Breaker is the most widely used terminal protection appliance in the construction of electrical terminal power distribution equipment. It is suitable for circuit, lighting and power equipment with AC rated current of 50Hz or 60Hz and rated voltage of 230 / 400V rated current to 63A and below Of the overload and short circuit protection, but also in the normal circumstances for the line and equipment is not frequent on-off conversion. Small circuit breakers superior performance, easy to use, reasonable price, and the amount of large, is widely used in construction, civil lighting and other occasions.

Small circuit breakers in the use of the process encountered a lot of problems, tripping is a normal phenomenon, voltage, current is too high, the circuit breaker internal short circuit, and other problems are likely to cause a small circuit breaker tripping reasons. When the voltage is not overloaded and no short circuit case, the reason for the trip is only one, that is, loss of pressure off.

Undervoltage (loss of pressure) trip function is a low-voltage circuit breaker with an important protection function, loss of voltage is an automatic air circuit breaker in the electromagnetic release of a; it works is the normal voltage, The release of the release of the armature, the switch can be closed; loss of pressure, the release of the armature release, the air switch closed mechanism to switch off, disconnect the power. So that the circuit will not make some electrical appliances automatically start again.

When the small circuit breaker in the running tripping accident, there is no short circuit or ground and other phenomena, there is no case of overload, the general is the pressure relief or controller failure. The failure of the depressor release shows that the power module is burned out. Power module is a long time in the live working state, it is prone to failure.

Resulting in a certain economic loss. The following figure is C45 structure of the circuit breaker structure, the current market or occupy a large market, and C65 structure and L7 structure is currently in the market is also gradually popular up.

Small circuit breakers as a not only can be connected and breaking the normal load current and overload current, but also can turn on and off the short circuit current switching device. Although the type of circuit breaker, but the basic structure and working principle is basically the same. Bimetal as a circuit breaker In the event of an overload current, it is very important to disconnect the impeller. When the circuit occurs when the overload current, bimetal fever deformation to a certain extent, it will promote the drawbar,125A 1P,2P,3P,4P 10KA Minature Circuit Breaker causing the operation of the transmission, contact disconnected. When the short-circuit instantaneous current, the current reaches several times the rated current, then the circuit breaker electromagnetic release device will quickly move to promote the traction rod, causing the operation of the transmission, contact disconnected. In the life to see the small circuit breaker tripping, the basic are relying on bimetallic fever bending to make the circuit breaker trip.

Small circuit breakers are mainly used for rated voltage 400V and below, the rated current is generally 125A below the line in the middle of the overload and short circuit protection purposes, but also as the motor is not frequent and the line is not frequent conversion purposes.

Small circuit breakers are widely used in industrial, commercial, high-rise buildings and residential buildings in terms of their installation orbitalization, dimensional modularization, functional diversification, styling, and safety.

Small circuit breaker selection Note: 1, the impact of ambient temperature on the rated current Small circuit breaker overload protection characteristics are usually by sampling no pieces (resistance) and induction of no pieces (hot bimetallic) to complete, hot bimetallic heat bending And more than a certain limit, the triper jump, small circuit breaker disconnect and remove the fault current. In the 125A 1P,2P,3P,4P 10KA Minature Circuit Breaker standard, the tripping characteristics and the reference temperature are specified. Different standards specify the reference temperature is not the same. Therefore, the actual working temperature should be considered different from the calibration of the reference temperature, so the rated current should be amended; In addition, the standard provisions of the check conditions are isolated a small circuit breaker, and the actual use of a number of small open A device with the environment than the temperature when the test is high, for this product rating should also make the necessary amendments. GB10963-1989 and IEC898-1995 standard reference temperature of 30 ℃. Under normal circumstances, with the ambient temperature movements, the actual use of the current will be reduced or increased, and the product itself with the parameters.