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Circuit Breaker Equipment Control And Protection Functions
Jul 03, 2017

Circuit Circuit Breaker has a relatively important role in the whole power system, its role is to achieve the equipment control and protection functions, mainly in its control loop and protection, automatic devices and other interrelated.

1. Circuit Circuit Breaker auxiliary contact conversion anomaly

In the operation of the circuit Circuit Breaker closing, if the green light flashing light is not lit or the traffic lights are off, then the circuit Circuit Breaker auxiliary contact conversion anomalies, or in the operation of the opening, the red light flash, green light is not bright or traffic lights Are also extinguished when the abnormal phenomenon.

2. Circuit Circuit Breaker auxiliary contact conversion exception handling

When the circuit Circuit Breaker auxiliary contact conversion anomaly, the first thing to do is to report timely scheduling, view the background monitoring system signal, focusing on the situation of circuit Circuit Breaker displacement, current, active is normal, if necessary, with the dispatch monitoring center , And then to the scene to check the circuit Circuit Breaker secondary circuit and the mechanism, in the troubleshooting does belong to the circuit Circuit Breaker auxiliary node problem, in order to avoid the switch of the normal division, must take the necessary measures. And timely report to the maintenance team, to be handled after power failure.

3. Circuit Circuit Breaker exception handling precautions

On the circuit Circuit Breaker running, issued a control loop disconnection signal, causing this phenomenon for many reasons, must be based on the background machine-related information and on-site inspection equipment to analyze the situation, the power circuit is normal, the protection of the secondary circuit is Normal, switch the storage capacity is normal, switch SF6 gas pressure and other abnormalities. After the operation of the identified problems to take the necessary control measures, notify the relevant maintenance personnel to further investigation and handling, trying to equipment failure on the other equipment to minimize the impact of the grid.