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Circuit Breaker High Breaking Ability And Convenient Operation
Oct 23, 2017

The circuit breaker is a switch device which can close, load and break the current under normal circuit condition, and can be closed, carrying and breaking the abnormal circuit condition (including short-circuit condition) under the specified time. Circuit breaker can be used to allocate electric energy, do not start asynchronous motors frequently, power lines and motors, such as protection, when they occur serious overload or short-circuit and undervoltage failure can automatically cut off the circuit, its function is equivalent to the fuse switch and the combination of thermal relays and so on. And after breaking the fault current generally does not need to change the spare part. At present, it has been widely used.

The circuit breaker is composed of a contact system, an arc extinguishing system, an operating mechanism, a tripping device and a shell. The circuit breaker is divided into miniature circuit breaker, plastic case circuit breaker and frame type circuit breaker according to its construction.

Cut and connect the load circuit, and cut off the fault circuit, to prevent the accident from expanding, to ensure safe operation. and High-voltage circuit breakers to open 1500V, electric current 1500-2000a arc, these arcs can be stretched to 2m still continue to burn not extinguished. Therefore, Arc interrupter is a problem that must be solved by high voltage circuit breaker.

Low-voltage circuit breakers, also known as automatic air switches, can be used to connect and break load circuits, and to control motor motors that do not start frequently. It functions as a knife switch, over relay, lost voltage relays, thermal relays and leakage protector, such as electrical parts or all of the total function, is a low-voltage distribution network, an important protection of electrical appliances.

Low voltage circuit Breaker has many kinds of protection functions (overload, short circuit, undervoltage protection, etc.), adjustable action value, high breaking ability, convenient operation and safety, so it is widely used. Structure and working principle the low-voltage circuit breaker consists of operating mechanism, contact point, protection device (various kinds of tripping device), arc extinguishing system and so on.

The circuit breaker plays a relatively important role in the whole power system, and its function lies in the ability to control and protect the equipment, which is mainly embodied in its control loop and protection, automatic device and so on.

1. Circuit Breaker auxiliary contact point conversion abnormal phenomenon

In the operation of the circuit breaker closing, if the green light flashing red light or the traffic lights are out of the circuit breaker auxiliary contact switch abnormal, or in the operation of the gate, there is a red light flash, green light is not bright or the traffic lights are off when the abnormal phenomenon.

2. Circuit breaker Auxiliary contact point conversion exception Handling

When the breaker auxiliary contact switch appears abnormal, the first thing to do is to report the dispatch in a timely manner, check the signal of the background monitoring system, focus on the situation of the circuit breaker, current, active power is normal, if necessary, check with the Dispatch monitoring Center, then inspect the circuit breaker two times and the mechanism, In order to avoid the abnormal separation of the switch, it is necessary to take measures to solve the problem of the fault of the circuit breaker. and timely report to the maintenance team, to be treated after the blackout.

3. Circuit Breaker Exception Handling precautions

When the circuit breaker is running, the signal of the control loop is sent, cause this phenomenon has a lot of reasons, must be based on the background of the relevant information and on-site inspection equipment Situation analysis, power circuit is normal, protection device two times circuit is normal, switching mechanism storage is normal, switch SF6 gas pressure has no abnormalities. After the operation to take the necessary control measures to the problems found, notify the relevant maintenance personnel to further troubleshoot and deal with, and find ways to minimize the impact of equipment failures on other equipment in the grid.