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History MCB?
Jan 14, 2017

The world's first circuit breaker appeared in 1885, it is a combination of knife switch and overcurrent trip unit. In 1905, an air circuit breaker trip-free device was born. Since 1930, with the invention of science, technology advances, discoveries and principles of the various arc interrupter device, and gradually formed the current mechanism. The late 1950s, the rise of electronic components, it creates an electronic trip unit of the 20th century, due to the miniaturization of computer development and popularization of intelligent circuit breakers have come out. Development of China's first generation of universal circuit breaker is the imitation of the Soviet Union in the 1950s the A15, A2050 of DW1, DW2 and improved DW0 type (rated voltage AC380V, rated current of 200 ~ 1500A) is the second generation of its own in 1958 in DW0 designed on the basis of updated DW10 series (as well as contemporary DW5 series), the rated voltage is AC380V, DC440V, rated current of 200 ~ 4000A; the third generation of the late years of development, the 1980s-market DW15 and DWX15 (limiting type), rated voltage AC380V, 660V, 1140V, rated current of 200 ~ 4000A; in the early 1980s, mid, China has successively from Japan and Germany to introduce AH and ME type universal circuit breaker is the fourth generation of the 1990s the successful development and production of DW45 intelligent universal circuit breaker. Development of molded case circuit breaker of the 1950s, the development of China's first production of imitation Su (A3100) DZ1 series of molded case circuit breaker (the mid-1940s level); the late 1960s, for DZ1 too large, short-circuit breaking defects such as small capacity, the industry focused on several major manufacturers, it carried out a bold improvement, the formation of our own design and the first generation of DZ10 series; the early 1980s and developed a second generation of DZ20 series; and Meanwhile, the Shanghai Huatong switch factory, Jiaxing Electric control equipment factory from the United States Westinghouse (Westinghouse) Electric and Japan Terasaki Electric company has introduced in the early 1980s level of technology, the production of H series and TO, TG, TL series; In the 1990s, it launched CM1 series (Changshu switch factory), TM30 series (Tianjin low-voltage electrical company), JXM2 series (Jiaxing Electric control equipment factory), HSM1 series (Hangzhou Zhijiang switchgear plant), S series (Shanghai electrical apparatus Research Research Institute, Hangzhou Zhijiang switch factory, Shanghai Huatong switch factory Group composed of OTT) the sixties and seventies, the small size of current MCCB has DZ5-10, DZ5-20, DZ5-25, DZ5-50, DZ15-40, DZ15-63 etc., they short-circuit breaking capacity of the sixties and seventies in our own design 1 ~ 5kA molded case circuit breaker (MCCB motor protection), developed DZ5-20 (short-circuit breaking capacity 380V, 1.5kA ), DZ15-40, DZ15-63 (short-circuit breaking capacity 380V, 3kA) 80 years the introduction of foreign technology manufacturing M611,3VE1 (there are a variety of accessories), short-circuit breaking capacity M611,3VE1 probably at 380V, about 3kA. 1994 to 1995, Shanghai Electric Institute of Science and hi-hing Electric Control Equipment Factory jointly developed a series of motor protection DZ35 molded case circuit breaker (model DZ35-25 and DZ35-63 two kinds). Short-circuit breaking capacity: DZ35-25 to 380V, 3kA, 35kA, 50kA (the latter two installation limiting member), DZ35-63 to 380V, 3kA; volume DZ35-25 for DZ5-20 of 43.13%, DZ35-63 DZ15-63 volume of 50.7%. DZ35 series circuit breaker with modular auxiliary contacts, shunt trip, undervoltage release and phase protection accessories. Power is greater than 30 ~ 200kW motor protection circuit breaker: CM1, TM30, HSM1, JXM2 and S type for such products to choose from. Small molded case circuit breaker (MCB) now also have to adapt to small power motor protection products, such as C45AD (Tianjin Merlin) and PX200CD (Jiaxing electric plant) and the like. Household or similar circuit breakers for overcurrent protection of DZ4-25 first home or a similar place to protect domestic imitation Su (AII-25) of the (two-pole) molded case circuit breakers, but the performance is not high. The mid-1960s the country has developed DZ5 series (two) in the late 1970s the introduction of German technology to produce the S060 series in the late 1980s, Tianjin Merlin Gerin's C45N and Jiaxing Electronic Factory introduction of the German F & G's PX200C after another, so household circuit breaker on a new level of residual current operated circuit breaker (earth leakage protection) of the 1950s and 1960s, in some power plant maintenance system voltage leakage protector. Because of its detection coil (or detection relay) connected in series between the transformer neutral point grounding, grounding resistance variability, resulting in poor accuracy. In addition, the detection coil capacity is not enough, simple structure, mine is poor, then gradually quit the application. The late 1960s, China's first leakage current operated electronic security devices DZ5-20L birth (the main breaker switch is DZ5-20). The late 1970s, the novel (DZ15L-40, DZ15L-63) current operated electromagnetic leakage circuit breakers successful trial of the joint design, which has a shell electric current 40A, 63A are two types of rated current 6 ~ 63A, leakage current (IΔn) have 30mA, 50mA, 75mA and 100mA, fast type (leakage action time <= 0.1s), short-circuit breaking capacity of 380V, 3kA and 5kA. DZ15L series is the result of a national identification. 1980s there DZL16, DZL18, DZL29, DZL118, DZ12L, DZL33, DZL38 DZ10L and the like into the market, but most are current operated electronic (IC) leakage circuit breakers (with overload, short circuit protection and without overload, short-circuit protection) the mid-1980s, Jiaxing electronic factory, Zunyi Changzheng electric eight plants in Germany and the introduction of F & G's technology to produce the FIN type (without overload, short circuit protection) (in there 15,40,63A; IΔn have 30,100 , 300,500mA) and FI / LS type (with overload, short circuit protection) (in there 2,4,6,10,20,25,32A; IΔn have 30,50,100,300mA) leakage circuit breaker. Early 1990s, Tianjin Merlin Gerin company produced VigiC45ELE (electronic), VigiC45ELM (electromagnetic), VigiNC100 etc. leakage circuit breakers, residual operating current (IΔn) 30mA, fast type (VigiNC100, IΔn have 30mA, 300mA and 500mA several fast-action). OOT Group in 1999 developed a prototype SL series residual current circuit breakers, and other specifications are 63,100,200,400,630,800A, leakage protection release electronic and electromagnetic hybrid, leakage current 30 , 100,300,500,1000mA like fast action time type (<= 0.1s) and time delay (maximum 1.5s), the circuit breaker as well as overload and short circuit protection.