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Isolator Switch Normal Square According To The Provisions Of The Operation
May 27, 2017

Isolated switch, also known as knife gate. Generally refers to the high-voltage isolation switch, that is rated voltage of 1kV and above the isolation switch, usually referred to as the Isolator Switch , is the most used in high-voltage switch electrical appliances, its own working principle and structure is relatively simple, but because of The use of large, high reliability requirements, the substation, power plant design, the establishment and safe operation of the impact are larger.

A) General requirements for Isolator Switch  operation:

   (1) Locomotive Departure Switch Operators and guardians are required to undergo training in Transportation Section and pass the exam and pass the safety certificate from  Transportation Section.

   (2) engaged in Isolator Switch  switch workers in accordance with the requirements of the annual examination, the security level shall not be lower than 3.

   (3) isolation switch opening and closing operations, there must be two people present, the implementation of one person to operate one person care system.

   (4) For the disengagement switch that has the right to operate the service section, it is necessary to apply to the competent person in charge of the check-in procedure before requesting the power supply dispatch order.

   (B) manual Isolator Switch  operating procedures:

   (1) Before the Isolator Switch  operation, the operator must wear the insulated boots and insulated gloves as required and use the insulation rods to operate on the insulation board. Check the insulation boots and insulated gloves before use, whether the leak, whether the leak.

   (2) Before operation, make sure that the Isolator Switch  and the rotating device are in normal condition. Grounding wire is good, the catenary normal square according to the provisions of the operation.

   (3) operation, the operator's body shall not be with the pillars and any objects or personnel around the contact, the operation should be accurate and rapid, one opening and closing in place, halfway shall not stay and impact.

   (4) Before the power is turned off, it is necessary to check whether all the electric locomotive pantographs in the section insulator are lowered, and when all the drops are not lowered, the driver should be informed.

   (5) operation is completed, be sure that the Isolator Switch  has been properly transferred to the specified location and then locked, the key transfer station attendant custody.

   (6) the use of insulated gloves, insulated boots, insulation rods and insulation board to be stored in a cool, dry and dust-free containers. Every 6 months by the  transport section is responsible for a performance test. A brief leak test should be carried out before each use to maintain good insulation performance.

   (7) In case of thunderstorms, it is forbidden to operate the Isolator Switch . It is forbidden to carry the load disengagement switch.

   (C) with the grounding switch off the switch to be strictly in accordance with the following requirements:

   (1) off, first disconnect the main knife, after closing the grounding switch.

   (2) closed, the first disconnect the ground switch, after closing the main knife. Do not close the main knife when the grounding switch is closed.

2, the operating principle of Isolator Switch 

(1) points, closing action to decisive, rapid, the end of the attention should not be too much force, and visual observation of the contact position is to meet the requirements.

(2) with an insulated rod operating unipolar isolation switch, the closing should be combined with both sides of the phase, after the phase. When the gate is opened, the order is the opposite.

(3) No load, except for closing or opening operation (except load in the operating range permitted by the Isolator Switch ).

(4) occurs with load misalignment or isolation switch operation, the accidental closing shall not immediately after the opening, after the wrong gate shall not immediately close (in addition to just opened a little and found that there are sparks, on).

3, isolation switch and circuit breaker with the principle of operation

(1) The isolator has no arc extinguishing device and can not be used to turn on and off the circuit with the load current; it can only be used to divide the circuit with only the voltage without the load current.

(2) line power failure sequence: first disconnect the circuit breaker, and then disconnect the load side of the isolation switch, and finally disconnect the power side of the isolation switch.

(3) line transmission operation sequence: first close the power side of the isolation switch, and then close the load side of the isolation switch, and finally closed the circuit breaker.