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Isolator Switch Strengthen The Sealing To Improve Its Waterproof Performance
Aug 10, 2017

Isolator Switch circuit temperature is too high is a serious security risk, due to the circuit overheating caused by the normal operation of the equipment case a few. The following measures can be taken, for example, to appropriately adjust the depth of the contact insertion, and to keep the contact clean, or to introduce an automatically clean contact. But also timely prevention of high temperature phenomenon, to set a good temperature detector, once the temperature is higher than the normal value on the need for timely processing. If you want to strengthen the intensity of cleaning, you can use the way of cleaning. In the previous fault analysis can be seen, the rust resistance of mechanical devices is very important, therefore, to carry out regular anti-rust measures, such as: timely lubrication to the various components, mechanical parts can be made of stainless steel, enhanced sealing to improve its Waterproof performance. Finally, we must pay attention to timely maintenance, spare parts in the mechanical parts of the repair parts, if the parts there are security risks, then even within the maintenance period can not guarantee any failure of the normal operation of the machine. But there is a need to remind, if only to cope with the inspection and repair, routine, this will not only fail to achieve the desired purpose, but will result in waste of resources, no efficient work is not done.

1, the Isolator Switch in the circuit from the role of a clear point to ensure that the maintenance of personnel safety, generally only cut off the line no-load current, can not cut off the load current and short circuit current;

2, the load switch also from the isolation, and can cut off the load current;

3, the circuit breaker can cut off the load current and short circuit (fault) current, fault can automatically trip. In addition, some types of circuit breakers also have an isolation function that can be used as an isolated electrical use.

Isolation switch does not have a special arc extinguishing device, can not be used to connect and break the load current and short circuit current, otherwise it will produce a strong arc, causing personal injury, equipment damage or cause interphase short circuit failure. So the isolation switch points, together with the general operation and circuit breaker with. The effect of the Isolator Switch is:

(1) Isolation of power In the maintenance of electrical equipment, in order to be safe, you need to use the Isolator Switch to shut down the equipment and live equipment to isolate the power to form a clear fracture. Isolated power supplies are the primary use of Isolator Switchs.

(2) Switching operation When the double busbar is bypassed or the bypass bus is connected, some Isolator Switchs can be divided in the case of "equipotential", and the circuit breaker is connected with the circuit breaker.

(3) points, and small current can be used to sub-combined, voltage transformer, arrester and no-load bus; sub-excitation current is less than 2A no-load transformer; closed capacitor current less than 5A no-load lines.

Precautions for Isolator Switch operation

(1) first check the circuit breaker in the corresponding circuit in the open position, to prevent the load with the pull, isolated switch.

(2) single power line power failure operation, should follow the following principles to operate. When the power failure, according to the first pull the circuit breaker, and then pull the load side of the isolation switch, and finally opened the bus side of the isolation switch in the order; transmission sequence and the contrary.

(3) dual power line stop, power transmission operation, must be executed according to the scheduling command, and do a good job recording and recording work.

(4) Isolator Switch operation, should be to the scene phase check their points, together position, the same period, contact contact depth and other items to ensure that the isolation switch action is correct.

(5) Isolated switch with remote control device When remote control failure, approved by the relevant leadership, and in the case of on-site monitoring of electric or manual operation.

(6) Electrical and mechanical locking devices are installed between the Isolator Switch, earth disconnecting switch and circuit breaker, and shall be operated in accordance with the procedure. When the locking device fails, the cause shall be ascertained. Approved by the relevant leadership, before unlocking operation.