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Isolator Switch To Ensure The Safety Of Maintenance Work
Jul 21, 2017

Isolation switch does not have a special arc extinguishing device, can not be used to connect and break the load current and short circuit current, otherwise it will produce a strong arc, causing personal injury, equipment damage or cause interphase short circuit failure. So the isolation switch points, together with the general operation and circuit breaker with. The effect of the disconnector is:

(1) Isolation of power In the maintenance of electrical equipment, in order to be safe, you need to use the disconnector to shut down the equipment and live equipment isolation,Isolation switch the formation of a clear fracture. Isolated power supplies are the primary use of disconnectors.

(2) Switching operation When the double busbar is bypassed or the bypass bus is connected, some disconnectors can be divided in the case of "equipotential", and the circuit breaker is connected with the circuit breaker.

(3) points, and small current can be used to sub-combined, voltage transformer, arrester and no-load bus; sub-excitation current is less than 2A no-load transformer; closed capacitor current less than 5A no-load lines.

Isolated switch is an indispensable power system is one of the key equipment,Isolation switch it is used to isolate the power supply, play a significant role in disconnecting points in the substation electrical equipment in the largest proportion. The general isolating switch has a simple structure and is installed on the power supply side and the load side of the chopper. Since it is mechanical, it often fails.

Disconnector is mainly used to high-voltage power distribution devices need to power off part of the live part of the reliable isolation to ensure the safety of maintenance work. All the contacts of the disconnector are exposed to the air and have a clear disconnect point. The isolator does not have an arc extinguishing device and can not be used to cut off the load current or short circuit current. Otherwise, under high pressure, the breaking point will produce a strong arc , And it is difficult to extinguish itself, and may even cause arcing (relatively or interphase short circuit), burning equipment, endangering personal safety, which is the so-called "with a load pull off the switch" serious accident.

Disconnectors, including load switches,Isolation switch such as the common HGL series of load disconnect switches and HH15 disconnectors, can also be used to switch some of the circuit to change the operation of the system. For example, in a double bus circuit, you can use a disconnector to switch the running circuit from one bus to another. At the same time, can also be used to operate some small current circuit.

 1, for the isolation of power, the high-voltage maintenance equipment and charged equipment separated, so there is a significant visible break point.

2, disconnector and circuit breaker with the system according to the needs of the operation of the switch operation to change the system running wiring.

3, to turn on or off the small current circuit. Such as points, combined with the voltage transformer and arrester; points, together a certain length of the bus, cable, overhead line capacitance and a certain capacity of no-load transformer no-load current.