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Manufacturing Process Constraints Breaker Testing Equipment Industry Footsteps
Jan 14, 2017

With the development of urban and rural power supply and industrial automation unmanned technology in recent years, low-voltage air circuit breaker industry has been rapid development, and achieved good results. Currently, domestic enterprises and foreign well-known companies, are the next great efforts to research and development and introduction of new products. From the development characteristics of China's current low-voltage air circuit breaker, the well-known companies with foreign R & D design ideas basic synchronization, but because of the gap between the quality of corporate financial and personnel on domestic enterprises own unique product of the few, and therefore declared invention patents the number is not much. Chinese low-voltage air circuit breakers with the world advanced level, in addition to the lack of R & D on the outside, in the manufacturing process and testing equipment also has a larger gap. In the manufacturing process, such as a silver alloy contact welding, the welded reach the copper contacts is not red-hot, not annealed copper contacts while maintaining the original hardness requirements; lack of soft solder connection is to be welded silver conductive member should not be red-hot in the welding process, to ensure that silver is not oxidized and discolored, but since the welding temperature is too low to enable flexible connection of braided copper wire in contact with the conductive member at melting into one, thus affecting the quality of the product. Detection, particularly in the enterprise factory testing, there are many indicators do not meet national standards and IEC standards, the parameter adjustment tolerance is also large, so many products should take place at the user mistakenly action Fixed irregularities. For example, a short-circuit release value adjustment operation, according to the standard provisions should be nothing more than a periodic component by sinusoidal current, but many business equipment is simple, with a Test average current through the non-periodic component, so that the operation of the factory adjusted value inferior to similar foreign products accurately. There are also individual units by increasing the closing phase selection switch programs, but because of the need to re-adjust each time you use the parameters to ensure accuracy, but its life is limited, it can not be done in accordance with the standard practice abutment check. Currently abroad has special equipment for the test is limited, it can not be done according to the standard abutment check in practice. Sinusoidal current currently abroad has special equipment used to test current with no DC components, in full compliance with national standards and IEC standards. At present the development of low-voltage air circuit breakers, and relevant to the needs of design, materials, processes, equipment should have a new development. The new design needs to have original ideas, you can also use foreign products after the patent for the secondary development of domestic enterprises used to create new patents. The new material can not be required to rely on foreign imports, domestic enterprises need to develop their own, such as developing new rectangle soft braided line and improve the short circuit characteristic index low-voltage air circuit breakers, increased local production and reduce costs. The new technology is to continuously improve the quality of low-voltage air circuit breakers relying welding process using conventional equipment is clearly difficult to meet quality requirements, at present, some foreign enterprises from the heavily purchasing the device, which will undoubtedly shorten the gap with foreign companies, but from the whole on making domestic equipment truly meet market demand, but also the need for further efforts.

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