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Switch Improve Coverage And Decentralization
Jul 03, 2017

DC Switch power supply is a kind of Switch power supply, with the circuit control switch through the high-speed conduction and cut off, the DC into high frequency AC power provided to the transformer to transform, resulting in the need for one or more groups Voltage. What is the working principle of DC Switch power supply? What is the composition of the DC Switch power supply? Fast with Xiao Bian together to understand it

DC Switch power supply

DC Switch power supply is through the circuit control switch for high-speed conduction and cut-off, the DC into high-frequency AC power provided to the transformer to transform, resulting in the need for one or more groups of voltage! The reason for the conversion to high-frequency alternating current is that the efficiency of high-frequency AC in transformer transformer circuit is much higher than 50HZ, so switch transformer can do very little, and work is not very hot! The The cost is very low, if not 50Hz into high frequency Switch power supply is meaningless.

working principle

1, AC power input through the rectifier filter into a DC;

2, through the high-frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) signal control switch, the DC added to the switch transformer primary;

3, Switch transformer secondary induction high frequency voltage, the rectifier filter supply load;

4, the output part of the circuit through a certain feedback to the control circuit, control PWM duty cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of stable output.

AC power input is generally through the Euler circle of a class of things, filter out the interference on the grid, but also filter out the power of the power grid interference;

In the same power, the higher the Switch frequency, the smaller the size of the Switch transformer, but the higher the requirements of the switch;

The secondary of the Switch transformer can have multiple windings or a winding with multiple taps to get the desired output;

Generally should also increase the number of protection circuits, such as no-load, short circuit protection, or may burn the Switch power supply.

Mainly for industrial and some household appliances, such as television sets, computers and so on

DC Switch power supply classification

High frequency Switch DC power supply

High-frequency Switch DC power supply is a high-quality imported IGBT as the main power device to ultra-microcrystalline (also known as nanocrystalline) soft magnetic alloy material transformer core, the main control system uses a multi-ring control technology, Salt spray acidification measures. Power supply product structure is reasonable, reliable. The power supply with its small size, light weight, high efficiency, high reliability and superior performance to become a replacement of thyristor products. Applicable to the experimental, oxidation, electrolysis, galvanizing, nickel, tin, chrome, photoelectric, smelting, chemical, corrosion and other precision surface treatment sites. In the anodizing, vacuum coating, electrolysis, electrophoresis, water treatment, electronic product aging, electric heating, electrochemical, etc. have also been users praise. Especially in the PCB, electroplating, electrolysis industry, as many customers preferred power products.

Application characteristics

1, reduce the porosity, crystal nucleation formation rate is greater than the growth rate, to promote the nucleation refinement.

2, to improve the binding force, so that passivation film breakdown, is conducive to the matrix and the strong combination between the coating.

3, to improve the ability to cover and the ability to disperse, the cathode negative potential of the common plating in the passivation of the site can also be deposited to slow down the form of complex parts of the prominent parts of the excessive consumption of ions caused by the "charred" Deposits of the defects, for obtaining a given characteristic coating (such as color, no porosity, etc.) can reduce the thickness of the original 1/3 to 1/2, saving raw materials.

4, to reduce the coating of internal stress, improve lattice defects, impurities, holes, tumor, etc., easy to get crack-free coating, reduce additives.

5, is conducive to obtain a stable composition of the alloy coating.

6, to improve the dissolution of the anode, without anodizing agent.

7, to improve the mechanical properties of the coating, such as increasing the density of surface resistance and body resistance, improve toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and can control the hardness of the coating.