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Switch Insulation, High Temperature Resistance
May 27, 2017


The quality of the switch socket determines its safety, but also a direct impact on household safety. Poor wall switch socket in the course of the use of the phenomenon of sparks often occur, is likely to lead to electric shock and fire. Therefore, the quality is very important to see the quality, first of all depends on what kind of material made of it, like the bulls wall switch socket shell, is the use of imported materials made of PC material, not only strong and reliable, there is a certain anti- Sex. PC material is recognized as the industry's most outstanding switch panel material, it is in the flame retardant, insulation, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and other aspects compared to the past, nylon 66 and other materials have a prominent performance.


Switch socket industry, the major brands have done a function to upgrade the product, some brands of wall switch socket has achieved triple lightning protection function. Some of the products of the Bulls are not only triple lightning protection function, but also designed for children with a double protective door of the socket, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of children's electric shock, these two functions to protect the safety of the family have some help The


1, look at the shell material. The main switch brand on the market generally use PC material, PC material, also known as bullet-proof plastic, impact resistance, high temperature, easy to change the characteristics of the control for the electrical switch is very important. Better switch front panel and the back of the base are used PC material, and the general switch will be in the base with black nylon material to replace PC material, so the cost can be reduced a lot.

The same PC material, a lot of switch manufacturers use the domestic production, and now the domestic fact, there is no company has the ability to produce PC material, the so-called domestic production are generally re-processed with the back material, and thus relatively high impurities, Very brittle, heat resistance is also significantly poor. Poor switch to reduce costs The front panel may not be PC material, with a mixture or ABS instead. These materials not only impact resistance, heat resistance is poor, but also easy to change color, the surface touched it is very rough.

2, followed by the contact, is the process of switching parts of the conductive parts of the contact point. Contact one depends on the size, two depends on the material. There are three main contacts, silver-nickel alloy, silver-cadmium alloy and sterling silver. Silver-nickel alloy is an ideal contact material, conductive properties, hardness is better, not easy to oxidation rust. Silver cadmium alloy contacts are also better in other areas, but the cadmium is a heavy metal, on the one hand harmful to the human body, on the other hand and the integration of silver is not ideal, will form a small surface of cadmium metal particles, conductive May pull out the arc. Sterling silver contact is not appropriate, conductive performance is indeed good, but the texture is relatively soft silver, is also very easy to oxidation. Soft texture, the switch more contact on the deformation; oxidation rust, then the conductive performance will be much worse, the rust point is also easy to heat, it is easy to put the contact burned.

3, the third look at the structure of it Mainly large panel type, the appearance and feel better than the previous thumb-type. The biggest problem with the thumb-type is easy to stuck, because the torque is relatively short, the switch action range is relatively small, slightly soft or a little bit of the spring, may cause the switch jam

4, look at the protection of the door, with a screwdriver or a small key poke the side of the two holes and three holes below the hole a hole. With the effort, poke into the unilateral protection door is equal to no. This outlet is obviously not safe enough.

5, the copper material. If you see through the jack is bright yellow, then give it directly. Brass easily rust, soft texture, a long time contact, conductive performance will decline. If the copper color is purple is better, more tough copper, not easy to rust. Do not see directly, but also generally open to see. Many sockets are jack here with copper, which are all with brass, the same easy to rust. Even with copper, there are high points. Most of the brand of copper pieces are several pieces of stitching, with rivets interface, so that the interface will be hot, affecting the conductive. Technology comparison of the current brand will use the whole piece of copper inside the copper pieces, so that a lot of improved conductivity.

6, the third, look at the distance between the two or three plug it Some products did not consider so much, two holes and three holes closer, inserted three holes, two holes on the change set, because the plug is large, the place accounted for. These questions must be considered when buying a socket.

7, In addition, the power of household appliances is growing, the load on the switch is also relatively high, especially in the electrical power of the moment. Ordinary socket national standard is 10A, and air conditioning socket requirements can pass a larger current, the national standard is 16A.