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Switch Reasonable Wiring Is Very Important To The Decoration
Oct 09, 2017

Many owners in the decoration often began to complain about the socket too little, or the socket is installed too low, etc., installed well, in the case of serious fire, visible switch socket reasonable wiring on the decoration is very significant. The owner should be based on the actual needs of the family and the family needs to carefully study the program, the switch socket wiring as a process of home improvement to an important part.

1, the switch is divided into an open / two open / three open / four open (also known as a single double or a two; a few switches tied to a panel control different lights, commonly known as a number of switches), switch Is divided into single and double control. Such as a single open control and a double control; two open double control.

2, single control switch: only here to open, this side off. A switch to control a lamp, two switches control different two lights, and so on.

3, dual control switch: it is possible in two different places at the same time control a light. Need to pre-cloth line, you can achieve this side open, the other side off. Single control can not be used dual control, double control can be used as a single control.

4, single control switch socket: can control the socket power off, easy to use, do not pull the plug, can also be used as a separate switch, used for commonly used electrical appliances, such as microwave ovens, washing machines,

5, dual control switch with socket: with a single control switch with socket function. This switch can also be used with the other dual control switch on both sides of the control lights.

6, multi-function socket: can be compatible with old and foreign standard round foot plug, square pin plug and so on.

7, three hole socket: three holes are divided into 10A 16A 25A. Commonly used household appliances, with 10A three holes, such as refrigerators, washing machines, hoods, etc .; 1.5P / 2P water heaters generally need 16A three holes, cubicle air conditioning 3P needs more than 20A.

8, the information outlet: also known as weak socket, refers to the phone, computer, TV socket, because the back-end plug-in module market price is high, so are more expensive.

9, dual TV, dual phone, dual computer socket: these are independent of the wiring, not divided into two.

10, socket wiring: the general current telephone jacks are four-core, if the phone line is two-core, then then number 2, 3 (above) can be. If it is a four-core, then the corresponding good.

11, computer socket wiring: 1 pair of yellow and white, 2 pairs of yellow, 3 pairs of green and white, 4 pairs of blue, 5 pairs of blue and white, 6 pairs of green, 7 pairs of brown white, Wiring requires a special line tools, conventional wiring completed three times, not repeatedly repeated wiring, will cause damage to the computer module.

12, dimming, speed control, tuning switch: Now the dimmer switch can only be used in incandescent (that is, light bulbs). Dimming can only adjust the light and shade.