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Switch To Ensure The Safety Of Maintenance Personnel And Equipment
Jun 21, 2017

Is a simple arc extinguishing device, can be loaded with the load, the circuit control of electrical appliances. Can break off a certain load current and overload current, but can not disconnect the short-circuit current, must be used in series with high-voltage fuses, with a fuse to remove short-circuit current.

The role of the load switch:

1) break and close.

Because it has a certain ability to arc, it can be used to break and close the load current and a small dry factor (usually 3-4 times) overload current; can also be used to break and close the isolation switch allow capacity Larger no-load transformers, longer no-load lines, are sometimes used to break and close large-capacity capacitor banks.

2) Alternative effects.

The combination of the load switch and the current limiting fuse can be used in place of the circuit breaker. That is, by the load switch to bear the break and close less than a certain number of overload current, and by the current limiting fuse to break off the larger overload current and short circuit current.

3) load switch and current limiting fuse in series into one of the load switch, in the national standard is called "load switch - fuse combination of electrical appliances."

The fuse can be mounted on the power supply side of the load switch or on the power receiving side of the load switch. When the fuse is not often required, it is advisable to use the former arrangement in order to use the load switch as a function of the disconnector to isolate the voltage applied to the current limiting fuse.

What is a disconnector?

Is a non-arc device control of electrical appliances, its main function is to isolate the power to ensure the safety of other electrical equipment maintenance, it is not allowed to load operation. But under certain conditions, allowing the opening or breaking of the low-power circuit. Is the use of high-voltage switch is the most frequent one of the electrical device

The role of disconnector:

1, after the opening, the establishment of a reliable insulation gap, the need to repair the equipment or lines and power with a clear disconnect point to ensure maintenance personnel and equipment safety.

2, according to operational needs, for the line.

3, can be used to sub-line, the small current in the line, such as casing, bus, connector, short cable charging current, switching capacitor voltage capacitor current, double bus when the circulation and the voltage transformer excitation current Wait.

4, according to the specific circumstances of different types of structure, can be used to share, combined with a certain capacity transformer no-load excitation current.

High-voltage isolation switch according to its different installation methods can be divided into outdoor high-voltage isolation switch and indoor high-voltage isolation switch.

Outdoor high-voltage isolation switch that can withstand the wind, rain, snow, pollution, condensation, ice and thick cream and other effects, suitable for installation on the terrace using high-voltage isolation switch.

According to the different structure of the insulation pillar can be divided into single-column isolation switch, double-column isolation switch, three-column isolation switch. One of the single-column isolation switch in the overhead bus directly below the vertical space as a fracture of the electrical insulation, therefore, has obvious advantages, is to save the area, reduce the lead wire, while closing the state is particularly clear. In the case of ultra-high voltage transmission, the use of single-column isolation switch substation, saving the area of the effect is more significant.

Isolation switch in the low-voltage equipment is mainly applied to residential, construction and other low-voltage terminal power distribution system.